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The responsibility of maintaining safe premises falls upon homeowners, commercial property owners, and landlords. Property owners are obligated to protect others from potential dangers on their property. A victim of an accident on someone’s property is entitled to make a premises liability claim if the owner failed to maintain the property and/or protect visitors via other means.

Injuries that entitle you to a claim

Property owners should keep walkways clear to protect visitors from tripping, and proper lighting is encouraged to prevent accidents at night. You should not have to watch your step because of a property owner neglecting to keep a path hazard-free.

There are a number of causes of an injury case. A store’s slick floor can cause a shopper to slip and fall, an arena’s lack of security can result in a spectator being assaulted, and loose merchandise can fall on someone. Outdoors, an uneven sidewalk, a set of stairs that failed to meet the building code, or a path cluttered by debris are all potential hazards that can lead to serious injury or even death.

Injury due to someone else neglecting to keep their property safe entitles you to compensation. An attorney is recommended when dealing with these claims, as it can be tricky to prove that the property owner knew or should have known about the potential danger (and thus needed to correct it). Since 1976, Reuben J. Donig has managed premises liability claims for San Francisco Bay Area clients.

Not only does Mr. Donig address injury cases caused by slipping and falling, but he also aids clients who were assaulted due to the property owner’s lack of security. Other cases are also accepted by Mr. Donig. To have Mr. Donig assess your injury case, please contact us today for a free consultation. We intend to see justice done and to give our clients the means to fully recover from their serious injury.

The owner is responsible for maintenance

The owner of the property has the responsibility of keeping the premises safe and correctly maintained. This applies even if a contractor was hired for maintenance purposes, a tenant is renting the property, or the property is still being constructed. At times, a victim of an accident may be able to make several claims. Mr. Donig will ensure that the responsible parties are identified. For further information, check out these links:

No attorney fees unless we get results

Prior to taking up any insurance settlement offer, it is vital that you ask for a legal opinion regarding your slip-and-fall or other property accident case. If you or a family member needs to consult a lawyer about a claim, please contact our San Mateo office to arrange a free consultation. Because we handle injury cases on a contingency fee basis, you will not be billed unless you receive financial compensation as a result of our efforts.

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