What can cause a dangerous truck accident?

San Mateo County residents see large trucks and commercial vehicles every day on the freeway. They may rattle past smaller vehicles at speeds that do not even seem safe for their massive loads and may haul multiple cargo holds at any given time. While big trucks like semis are a necessary part of moving goods through the country to support business and commerce, they can pose dangers to individuals when their drivers fail to exercise proper care.

One way that a truck driver may be negligent is driving without the right training or experience. Truck drivers must obtain special commercial licenses to legally drive large vehicles and the process of obtaining this license requires them to understand the challenges that managing a large truck can present. A driver who is not prepared to operate a large rig may cause a serious and life-threatening motor vehicle accident.

Additionally, an aggressive truck driver may put others in the path of harm if they choose to speed, drive erratically, or engage in other dangerous roadway practices. Trucks can take a long time to stop because of their weight and can be propelled into other vehicles if their drivers do not engage their brakes in time. Inattentiveness, distractions, and road rage can all afflict truck drivers and create dangerous situations.

Mechanical problems, expectations of their employers, and other causes can make the roads dangerous for drivers who must share lanes with large trucks and commercial vehicles. After a truck accident, a victim may seek the counsel of an attorney, so they can better understand their options for pursuing their losses from the responsible parties.

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