To Whom It May Concern:

I engaged Mr Donig based on a recommendation from a friend who’s been on the opposite side of Mr Donig in another case. How is that for making a professional impression!

I was hit by a truck whilst on my bicycle by Stevens creek reservoir and required lengthy and extensive investigations and treatment /surgery for the injuries caused by the accident.

Mr Donig made a very professional impression on me from the start and remained diligent, responsive and proactive throughout the process.

Reuben brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, which for me was important as I was new to the country, the healthcare and legal process.

He prepared me and the witnesses very effectively and one thing that really impressed me was his professionalism towards the defendant and his representatives, which wasn’t always easy.

The case was ultimately settled by binding arbitration (to my satisfaction) for which Mr Donig enlisted some very good experts to support our case and after the decision Mr Donig negotiated with my then employer and various other third parties for reduction of repayment of the ERISA insurance and such.

End to end this was about a three year process and Reuben never blinked during that entire process. Always responding to calls and emails and staying proactive.

I would be more than happy to give a more personal reference. Just ask Reuben for my number, and either he or his helpful staff will get back to you.

-Anders L

To whom it may concern:

I suffered a very serious trip and fall accident at my apartment complex. The physical damage from the accident required major surgeries to correct: a total shoulder replacement, bilateral knee replacements and rotator cuff tear.

After initial attention outlining the surgeries needed, I started looking for an attorney. I wanted someone who specialized and was experienced in personal injury cases. I wanted someone personal, hardworking, aggressive, responsive, honest, thorough and would get the best possible outcome. I selected Attorney Reuben Donig. After my interview with him I knew my decision was correct. He met all of the criteria and more. He introduced his staff who were kind and seemed to enjoy their work. I immediately felt part of the family.

Attorney Donig always accepted and responded to phone calls, emails and text messages no matter the time of day or what day it was. He was always very appreciative of my military service as a combat veteran. He even called me on Veterans Day to express his gratitude. Attorney Donig called frequently to see how I was doing throughout my medical journey.

Throughout the entire legal process Attorney Donig called upon the right experts to assist in my case. I knew where we stood every step of the way. I received a summary of the monies spent on a continuous basis. We settled the case at mediation. He also negotiated with the Veterans Administration to reduce the amount charged for my medical care. The final financial outcome for me was far above my expectations. There were no dollars for my benefit left on the table.

Attorney Donig is a “top-notch” lawyer who went above and beyond and anyone would be proud to have his representation. I am appreciative and grateful for what he has done for me in settling this case.

-Andy L.

To Whom It May Concern:

If you are looking for an outstanding Personal Injury attorney, look no further than Reuben Donig. Reuben represented my elderly mother, who suffered a broken hip and femur, hip-replacement surgery, and over a year of rehab in Assisted Living, due to the actions of a driver.

Reuben far exceeded our hopes and expectations, more than tripling the dollar amount two other attorneys suggested we might achieve. He got us the maximum allowed by the Umbrella Policy of the driver ($500,000), in addition to the maximum ($125,000) allowed by my mother’s own auto insurance. Additionally, he negotiated with Medicare to reduce the amount of their Lien by 22%, saving us $7,538, for a grand total of $632,538! Reuben clearly has a passion for justice in the form of fair compensation, and it shows in both the effort he puts forth and the results he obtains.

During the year that we worked with him, Reuben was thoroughly professional, personable (also charming with a great sense of humor), honest, direct, hard-working and attentive to our case. He kept us informed with frequent communication by telephone and mail, and was always prompt and entirely responsive to our questions and calls. His staff copied and filed our copious quantities of documents, and he was always very well-organized and on top of all the details and status of the case. Additionally, they sent monthly statements of expenses incurred.

Having never been involved in a law suit before, I was extremely reluctant to hire an attorney – especially after two other attorney’s indicated that we would not achieve satisfactory results. After interviewing Reuben (who had been referred by another attorney), we felt much encouraged. There were several Yelp reviews – all very positive except for one troubling review. When I asked Reuben about it, he put my mind at ease by explaining the situation (without breaking confidentiality). I am convinced that we would not have received even a third of the dollar amount Reuben obtained, if we had used another attorney or filed the claim ourselves – which would have been substantially more work.

I would be pleased to give a more personal reference, should you need a little encouragement in your decision to work with Reuben J. Donig. Just ask Reuben for my number, and either he or his helpful staff will get back to you.

-Lisa D.

I suffered a serious shoulder injury as a result of a car accident in San Mateo in January, 2009. Unfortunately, it took more than one year for my doctors at Kaiser to properly diagnose the injury. They kept saying that the problem was with my neck. At first, I went to a lawyer with a big firm in San Jose. The lawyer told me that my case was very difficult, because the time between the accident and the correct diagnosis of my shoulder injury was too long. He told me that I should settle my case for $5,000.00. Then my neighbor told me about Reuben Donig. He said he had gotten Reuben’s name from a friend

Mr. Donig took my case, and after working on it for about a year, he got all of the medical information straightened out properly. He filed the lawsuit, and assisted me as we responded to the other side’s requests for documents, written Interrogatories, and my deposition. He prepared me for, and came with me to the medical examination that the other side required. We settled my case for $177,500.00 at a mediation, so that we did not have to go to trial.

My medical insurance paid about $40,000.00 for my treatment, which included shoulder surgery. He insurance company insisted on being re-paid from my settlement. Mr. Donig negotiated with them, and they finally accepted repayment of $18,000.00 as payment in full, which saved me an additional $22,000.00. Mr. Donig always kept me fully informed of everything that was going on in my case, and always answered my questions promptly. He was always pleasant and easy to work with, and I was extremely satisfied with the results, in every respect. I give Reuben Donig my highest recommendation.

-Szilvia B.
San Carlos, CA

Reuben Donig assisted my husband and I when we were rear ended by an uninsured motorist. Reuben was very honest and direct. My husband and I were very glad to have Reuben represent us. Reuben Donig worked above and beyond what we expected and the final results for us were great.

We recommend Reuben Donig to anyone who is need of a excellent and directly honest attorney .

-amanda z.
San Mateo, CA

Reuben Donig, is a really awesome Person and Attorney. My husband and I were injured in a hit and run rear end vehicle collision and Reuben managed our case in a aggressive and timely manner. Reuben was very sensitive and tolerant of our fears and injuries and had zero tolerance for the shenanigans of the insurance companies. My husband and I retained Reuben as our Attorney until the very end of our successful settlement. Let me end by saying that if you or any of your family or friends need a personal Attorney, then give Reuben a try.

When I was involved in a car accident on hgwy. 101 this past summer, My Supervisor who used to be a Farmers Insurance adjuster recommended Reuben Donig. My Supervisor informed me that in his 7yrs. as an Insurance adjuster, Reuben was by far the best in the business. As my case evolved, I personally became aware of Reuben’s skills as an attorney and to say the least, I was great-full to have Reuben represent me. My case was successfully settled and I am now recommending Reuben to you.

-Eddie V.
San Mateo, CA

I was involved in a three car accident on El Camino in Palo Alto. Unfortunately I was the car in the middle – rear-ended by compact car and pushed into a very large SUV. Damage to my car wasn’t too bad but 1 ended up injured with severe back pain.

It was suggested I call Mr. Donig. He was quite thorough in his questions about the accident which had happened two months earlier (I procrastinated). I had seen a doctor and had an MRI and was getting PT so was ready to settle but Mr. Donig said we should wait until my treatment was finished and the doctor could make an exit evaluation regarding residual pain problems. I didn’t have to do anything other than deal with my treatment, Mr. Donig dealt with everything. Even though my medical expenses were not excessive (no surgery needed) he obtained a settlement for all the damage to my car, all my medicals and several items I hadn’t considered – loss of use on my auto, rental replacement, time missed at work, transportation costs, and a pain and suffering payment much higher than I had expected. A major plus was that Mr. Donig was able to obtain the settlement without going to trial. If you need a personal injury attorney who’s attentive and works for you then I recommend Mr. Donig

-Tristan P.
Menlo Park, CA

Reuben Donig, is a very wonderful Attorney and person. I had searched for an Attorney to handle my car accident. The first attorney said it wasn’t worth the trouble..but I knew I was injured and wanted to make sure my medical injury was covered. I searched, and searched..then found Reuben..made an appointment right away, his staff is very efficient, just as Reuben … my result was a WIN, WIN, SITUATION … I have dealt with other Attorneys during my lifetime but found Reuben to be one of the nicest, honest, lawyers I have met.

So, if you need a good lawyer that will listen to your case, and give you an honest opinion and fight for you3 is Reuben Donig.

-Jo-Ann D’Angelo

Reuben Donig recently settled a personal injury case for me. He was consistently attentive and straight forward and guided me through out the entire process with sincerity and professionalism. I felt that Reuben not only cared about my case, but also cared about me as a person. I would definitely refer Reuben Donig to my friends and family.

-Christy L.
San Jose, CA

I was seriously injured when I was struck by a car while crossing the street in San Francisco. I had just started my new job three days before, and was running an errand for my new employer.

To make matters worse, the police said I was jaywalking, and that the accident was my fault. To make matters even worse, the driver who hit me on his way to work only had $50,000 in insurance.

I hired Reuben Donig, and he went right to work. He hired the right experts, and located the right witnesses to establish that I was properly in the crosswalk, and to prove that the police were wrong. He obtained information and developed evidence to prove that the driver was, in fact, already in the course of his employment when he hit me, so that his company, which had a substantial insurance policy, was also liable. Reuben worked skillfully with my doctors to establish my prognosis, and the effect that my injuries would have on all aspects of my life. He successfully handled all the litigation, in order to overcome all the obstacles and arguments that the defense lawyers threw at us. Reuben negotiated expertly on my behalf, and we were able to settle my case just before trial started for well over $1,000,000, which was far more than I was expecting.

My workers’ compensation and private health insurance had paid out about $400,000 for my health care, and they claimed a right to be reimbursed from the settlement. Reuben used all the best legal arguments available, and eventually was able to settle these reimbursement claims for only $90,000, which saved me an extra $310,000.

He thoughtfully had me put some of my settlement into a safe annuity, to protect me in the future, and I now get monthly payments which cover all my monthly expenses.

All along, Reuben kept me fully informed, and always answered my questions expertly, and promptly. He was by my side, from the first time he met with me at the hospital through all of the steps in the legal process. I always felt that I was more than just a case to him, and that he cared about me personally. Without his expert help, I would never have been able to prove my case, or receive anything close to appropriate compensation.

I give him my very highest recommendation.


We were both badly injured in a car accident in 2003. At first, the other insurance company tried to blame us.

After talking to several different attorneys, we decided to hire Reuben Donig. He was able to immediately get the other insurance company to acknowledge that their driver was at fault, but they kept trying to prove that we were not seriously injured. We had to file a lawsuit, and the case went to trial.

During the entire time, the other insurance company and their lawyers tried to make it seem like we were exaggerating our injuries. They never made anything close to a fair offer to settle the case.

Mr. Donig hired the best experts to prove how the accident happened, and to prove that we were really injured like we said we were. He helped us find a good doctor who properly diagnosed what our injuries were, and who was willing to testify at trial for us.

He tried the case very skillfully, and not only did we win, we both received jury verdicts for much more than the other driver’s insurance policy limit! The other insurance company was forced to pay more than the policy limit in order to satisfy the judgment.

We talked to the jury afterwards, and the jury told us they were very impressed with how Mr. Donig handled our case. In fact, we afterwards learned that two of the jurors subsequently later referred their own friends to Mr. Donig, and that even the opposing attorney also later referred a case to Mr. Donig!

Most importantly, Mr. Donig was always responsive, always kept us informed, always returned our calls promptly, and helped us every step of the way. We would have been lost without him.

We give him our highest recommendation.

-R. and B. G.

Twice in the past few years our son, J. was hit by a car while he was riding a bike. In both cases, J. suffered some pretty serious injuries, although happily, he has recovered pretty well and his doing fine now.

We used Reuben Donig as our attorney to represent J.’s interests. Mr. Donig had been referred to us by a family friend.

In both cases, Mr. Donig did absolutely everything we could have wanted him to do. In the first accident, we felt that the other driver’s insurance limit was not adequate to fully and properly compensate Jonathan. At our request, Mr. Donig relentlessly pursued the other driver, and finally was able to force a settlement in which the other driver’s insurance policy paid their limit, and the driver herself paid a substantial additional amount out of her own pocket.

In the second case, there was some issue as to whether J. was also at fault in the accident. Mr. Donig went out and retained the right expert to correctly analyze the accident, so as to appropriately protect J.’s interests.

Mr. Donig also was able to work with J.’s doctors in both cases to get the necessary information in order to properly evaluate the case and achieve an appropriate result

In dealing with Mr. Donig, we found him to be responsive, very polite and personable, and extremely professional. He fought hard to get the best possible result for our son, and always dealt with us in a manner that was more than fair.

I would highly recommend Mr. Donig to any person who was seriously injured in an accident, and needs top-notch representation with the lawyer who will fight for his client well at the same time treating the client fairly and with utmost respect.

N. and J. W.

June 29, 2010
To whom it may concern,

In November 2009, I was hit by a car while riding my bike on the Alma St. sidewalk in Palo Alto. I found out that I needed to have surgery to repair multiple fractures in my face and became incredibly anxious about the process of filing a personal injury claim and finding a trustworthy attorney to represent me.

I was referred to Reuben Donig by a family friend of his after having multiple phone consultations with other attorneys, most of whom did not give me all the information I was asking for. From the very first contact I had with Reuben, I felt that he really listened to me, reassured me with thorough answers to my questions and explanations of the personal injury claim process, and empowered me to make well-informed decisions about my claim and settlement. I trusted him and felt respected by him, so after meeting with him to discuss the terms of the claim and our contract, I agreed to have him represent me.

Throughout the claim process, Reuben communicated clearly and frequently with me about his progress in negotiating my settlement with the insurance company and with Kaiser. He was flexible to meet with me at times that were convenient for me and he gave me the information and time I needed to make decisions that I felt comfortable with. I chose not to sue the person responsible for my accident, who was underinsured, and I felt that my decision was respected even though the settlement value was higher than the policy limit. Following my decision, Reuben fought to recover the maximum policy limit quickly and with integrity, which he did. I was very satisfied with the outcome of the claim and the professional, compassionate representation I had through Reuben Donig’s law office.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for similar representation for a personal injury case. In my experience it was true that in Reuben Donig’s law office, after nearly 50 years of service, the client is always first.


To whom it may concern:

Several years ago I was injured in a car accident. I could not get the other insurance company to try to make a reasonable settlement with me.

I was referred to attorney Reuben Donig by a friend who had retained him a few years before and recommended him most highly.

Mr. Donig took my case, and after working on it thoroughly, and learning everything he could about my injuries and prognosis, he then settled my case of five times more than the insurance company initially offered!

Mr. Donig always kept me aware and completely informed of what was going on in my case. He always returned my telephone calls promptly and explained what was going on.

I was completely satisfied with the way he handled my case, and with the results he obtained. I also found Mr. Donig to always be completely honest with me and pleasant to work with.

I would recommend Mr. Donig most highly to anyone who has a serious injury case.


Dear Reuben,

We have been remiss in thanking you sooner for the manner in which you successfully handled our negligence suit against a local entity. We were at a loss of not knowing any attorney until a physician friend suggested we contact you. He mentioned that you were NOT associated with any large law firm and that you had an impeccable reputation and background. Exactly what we were looking for.

From our first meeting at your office, we felt confident that the matter would be handled in a competent and professional manner. We left feeling that we had indeed chosen the best attorney possible.

Throughout the process you kept us up to date on everything that was happening as it progressed along with a detailed account of expenses your office incurred in the event we had to go to trial. Fortunately, the matter was settled in mediation to everyone’s satisfaction.

You briefed us prior to the dispositions and mediation sessions with the opposing attorneys by simply saying “just tell the truth”. What a refreshing idea!

It was a pleasure watching you do your job and believe you went way beyond the call of duty for us.

Reuben, you are indeed a man of honor and integrity and a credit to your profession and both Betty and I hold you in high regard.


Hi Reuben,

To whom it may concern,

I engaged Reuben Donig to represent me after I was hit from behind by a car while cycling on the shoulder of highway 1, suffering a broken collarbone, which required surgery to repair, and other injuries. The driver was insured and accepted fault. A settlement was reached about three months after submitting our claim. Mr. Donig did an excellent job representing me and I am completely satisfied with both the outcome of the claim and with his performance as my attorney. He kept me informed and educated about the claim, was always reachable and responsive, answered my questions thoroughly, aided me in reaching decisions without pressuring me, and achieved a settlement that exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him without reservation for anyone in a similar situation.