Can outdoor falls form the grounds for a premises liability suit?

Many of the slip and fall accidents that Californians suffer occur inside the properties of other individuals. A person may trip on a loose rug at a friend’s home, or they may slip on a puddle of spilled water at a store. When an accident of this nature occurs within a building, liability for the victim’s harm may clearly pass to the owner of the structure.

However, not all slip and fall accidents occur indoors. There are a number of ways that individuals can suffer harm when they are outside and on the properties of others. Though snow and ice are not common in San Mateo County, in the colder regions of the state individuals may slide and fall on the precipitation that accumulates and freezes on porches, driveways and other exterior surfaces.

Similarly, falls in parking lots are not uncommon and can have different causes. A retailer that fails to properly light their parking lot may be liable for a victim’s fall if they stumble because they cannot see hazards in their path. If a parking lot is cracked, uneven or otherwise lumpy, a person may suffer a serious fall and injury if they are unable to stay upright when crossing the surface.

In sum, slip and fall accidents can and do happen outdoors and when they occur they can leave victims with serious injuries, physical pain and emotional trauma. These losses can form the bases of claims for damages when those victims file lawsuits based on premises liability theories of law. Personal injury attorneys can be consulted by readers who desire more information about this important legal topic.

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