How do you plan to return to work after your personal injury?

Thankfully, you can still work after your recent injury. Or maybe you have healed enough from a recent injury that you can go back to work. Either way, you need a transition plan if you want to overcome challenges.

WITI offers several tips for getting back to work after sustaining an injury. Understand what you need to do to protect your employment standing and financial health.

Communicate with your employer

Hopefully, you have stayed in touch with your employer regarding work activities and projects you can expect to tackle when you get back. Communicating with your employer can help secure your position and get you off to a good start when you return to your position without feeling overwhelmed.

Listen to your physician’s orders

Let your doctor know about your intention to return to work, and ask if any responsibilities or activities are off limits until you make a full recovery. Just like your employer, stay in touch with your physician regarding how you feel when you get back to work.

Consider worker’s comp

Even if you work with an attorney to recover compensation for another’s negligence, it does not hurt to look into workers’ comp, too. Talk with an HR representative about whether the circumstances of your injury qualify for worker’s comp and whether it makes sense to file for it.

Look into accommodation

Your injury or recovery could leave you in need of special accommodations at work, accommodations that your employer may have to honor depending on the current number of employees. For example, you may need special equipment to tend to your job responsibilities, or you may need to work different hours so you can attend medical appointments.

Team up with your employer and doctor to have a smooth transition back to work. Hopefully, the above tips prove useful.

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