A rock through a windshield leads to surgery and raises questions

Motor vehicle accidents bring to mind car on car collisions or even car on pedestrian accidents, but how does insurance policy categorize an encounter between a rock and a windshield? What if someone allegedly through the rock but authorities have no leads? Who is responsible when someone gets seriously injured with no clear cause to blame?

ABC 7 News reports on a woman from Concord, California surviving after sustaining a serious injury to her face after an encounter on the road.

Windshield rock leads to serious eye damage

A nurse may lose her eye despite the three surgeries following a sudden, catastrophic surprise on the road. While on her way to work, a rock the size of a grapefruit shattered her windshield and struck her in the face.

After arriving at the hospital, doctors diagnosed several broken bones and a damaged eye including blood clots. More surgeries may follow, but the woman is in stable condition. Her family is working to make it through this period where she is without work.

Authorities suspect someone threw the rock from an overpass but have no suspects in this case. Another similar incident in April likewise has no suspects where a thrown brick killed a grandmother.

Surgeries lead to insurance questions

Despite the positive aspects of the nurse surviving, this unexpected cost presents a toll on the family in both hospital bills and wage loss. This act of vandalism may have no suspects currently, but the family in question needs help and compensation now. Is this a motor vehicle accident? Or does it fall under personal injury? Anyone in a situation like this needs to be sure of what their insurance policy provides in the event of such a left-field situation and what they might do if their safety nets fall through.

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