Statistics on motorcycle crash injuries and deaths

As a motorcyclist, you are especially vulnerable on the road. Whether you ride every day or periodically, you need to understand the risks you face and take steps to stay safe. Sadly, motorcycle collisions result in thousands of deaths and serious injuries each year.

Going over statistical data on motorcycle accidents is very important for motorcyclists as well as drivers since it sheds light on the prevalence and consequences of these accidents.

How many motorcyclists sustain injuries and die each year?

Data published by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows that over the course of 2019, motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of 5,014 motorcyclists. Moreover, 111,000 traffic crashes involved motorcycles and 84,000 motorcyclists suffered injuries in accidents on the road.

In comparison to those riding in passenger vehicles, motorcyclists have a higher chance of suffering an injury or losing their lives when involved in accidents. Regrettably, more motorcyclists will face devastating hardships due to accidents in the months and years ahead.

Are motorcyclist injuries and deaths increasing?

In comparison to 2015 through 2018, fewer motorcyclists died in 2019. However, the number of motorcyclist fatalities in 2019 was higher than the number of deaths that occurred between 2009 and 2014. Furthermore, more motorcyclists suffered injuries in 2019 in comparison to 2018.

It is essential to focus on strategies to reduce the likelihood of a motorcycle accident. Aside from wearing a proper helmet, motorcyclists should always remain alert and exercise caution during periods of poor visibility or bad weather. Unfortunately, reckless drivers continue to cause devastating motorcycle crashes and the victims of these wrecks deserve a voice.

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