California ranks 3rd in the nation for road rage

Road rage is a frequent factor in both fatal and nonfatal accidents across the nation. Studies show that the problem is especially pervasive in California. California currently ranks among the worst states in the nation for road rage, with aggressive driving and road rage playing a role in more than half of all wrecks and fatal car wrecks.

According to Bankrate, California currently ranks third in the nation when it comes to reported rage incidents involving firearms. There were 82 such cases in California between 2012 and 2016. Only Florida and Texas reported more instances of road rage occurring within state lines within this span.

Who exhibits road rage

Some motorists are statistically more likely to engage in aggressive driving or road rage than others. Men are more frequent behind-the-wheel aggressors than women. They are also more likely to exhibit severe types of road rage or aggressive driving behaviors. Males between the ages of 25 and 39 are the most common offenders.

What road rage behaviors are most common

Many different dangerous driving behaviors constitute road rage. Typically, any intentional action that seeks to intimidate or harm another driver may fall under the road rage umbrella. Common examples include tailgating, making rude gestures, making unsafe lane changes or cutting off other drivers. Running red lights and weaving in and out of traffic are also common road rage behaviors.

When a driver exhibits road rage or aggression and another motorist or passenger suffers a serious injury or fatality as a result, the victim, or the victim’s family, may have grounds for an injury claim.

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