How do I know if I even have a personal injury case?

Video Transcription

Interviewer: How do I know if I even have a personal injury case?

Interviewee: Well, it’s fairly common sense. If you sustained an injury that you know was caused by a person or an event that just shouldn’t have happened and it’s not your fault and you’re pretty sure it’s somebody else’s, you have a personal injury case. I mean, that’s your gut sense and that is what you should believe. From there, you should talk to a well-recognized, well-respected, and perhaps well-recommended personal injury attorney, and the attorney will tell you what the pros and the cons and the risks and the benefits are of your case and whether you have a meritorious case. I would encourage you to make that call to the attorney fairly early on before you spend too much time talking to the at-fault party’s insurance company and you make some statements that implicate or they can twist around to deprive you of your rights or make your claim seem less meritorious than it otherwise is.


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