What is a deposition?

Video Transcription

Interviewer: What is a deposition?

Reuben Donig, Esq.: A deposition is a procedure that is authorized by law where a party is sworn by a judicial officer called a court reporter to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It’s the same oath that’s given in a court of law.

The deposition then proceeds with a questioner, usually an adverse attorney, asking the deponent, usually the party who is making the claim in cases of personal injury. Although, the deposition can also be taken of other parties or witnesses.

That person is then asked a series of questions, and the information and responses that are given to the questions are testimony under oath. They can be used in court in the subsequent proceedings. But the deposition itself is usually administered in the attorney’s office or conference room, or a conference room of the court reporter.

Depositions are taken down stenographically by the court reporter and transcribed into a booklet. They can also be video taped for use at trial in the case, if the case does proceed to trial.


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