You have rights as the victim of a motor vehicle accident

No one wants to deal with the hassles that come with being involved in a car accident, but many California drivers are pulled into this difficult process against their will. This happens when they are the victim of an accident. For some, motor vehicle accidents may mean dealing with insurers to get their vehicles fixed. For others, car accidents may mean serious injuries that may affect them for the rest of their lives.

A car accident can damage a person’s property, hurt a person’s body, and stress a person’s mind. Cumulatively, all these can be significantly difficult for a victim to overcome on their own. They may not know how they will pay for the medical care they require or how they will even begin to pursue compensation from the negligent party who created the chaos in their life.

Attorney Reuben Donig knows that a car accident is a headache at best and a nightmare for many California drivers. Especially for those who have lost loved ones in vehicle crashes, a collision can change the path of a family’s life and introduce uncertainty and pain into the lives of victims.

Car accidents can form the bases of many different personal injury claims, including but not limited to, wrongful death, loss of companionship, and negligence. These claims may be pursued against drivers who caused others to suffer losses and who should be held accountable for the damages they inflict on others. If you have questions regarding your case, contact an attorney.

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