Know the law when it comes to a dog bite

It can be hard to imagine a cuddly pet dog as anything other than a member of one’s family, but it sometimes takes an act of aggression on the part of the creature to remind their owner that they are, in fact, an animal. Animals can be unpredictable and, therefore, should be trained by their owners to prevent them from attacking. When dogs and other animals bite, their victims may have legal options for seeking recovery of their damages.

In California, there are several circumstances that may lead a victim to pursue damages for dog bites and attacks. One set of circumstances involves the presence of the victim on the land of the dog’s owner. If the victim was on the owner’s land legally, then the owner of the land may be liable to the victim for the harm their pet caused.

Another set of circumstances that may allow a victim to recover their losses is if the attack happened on public land. Dogs and their owners do not enjoy special protections on public land and, therefore, owners may be held accountable for their pets’ actions.

There are situations, however, where dog bite victims may be precluded from recovering their damages. For example, if a dog attacks when the victim trespasses onto the dog’s owner’s land, then the victim may not have a right to recover damages. Another situation that can bar a victim’s recovery is when the victim was engaged in a criminal act when they were attacked.

Dog bite litigation can be necessary to help a victim become whole after suffering harm due to the actions of an animal. These personal injury cases can be supported by legal advocates who fight for their clients’ rights to their damages.

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