Impaired driver injures multiple people in California accident

Drunk and impaired driving is a dangerous practice that puts the lives of others at risk. While people may assume that it is only drivers and their passengers who could be harmed by an impaired driver, anyone on or near a roadway may be affected by the reckless and criminal actions of an intoxicated individual. Just recently a horrific motor vehicle accident happened in California that involved a dangerous impaired driver.

The driver was operating his pick-up truck on a road in Fullerton that was busy with restaurant and bar patrons heading home. The driver somehow ended up on the sidewalk of the street and struck nine people with his truck before crashing into a tree. Reports from witnesses to the accident claim that others in the area had to lift the truck off some victims who were trapped underneath it.

The driver has been arrested on felony DUI charges. It is believed that his condition was impacted by drug use at the time he caused this devastating crash. The victims, who ranged in age from their late teens to almost 50 years old, were treated for a variety of bodily injuries.

Victims of auto-pedestrian accidents caused by a drunk or impaired driver can suffer long-lasting physical and emotional trauma. As they work to rebuild their lives and recover from the physical and emotional harms forced upon them, they may wish to discuss their possible legal claims with attorneys who understand and support motor vehicle accident victims. Doing so can help them decide what steps to take moving forward.

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