Property owners have a duty to remove hazards

As readers of this California personal injury blog may know, premises liability is the legal theory that holds property owners liable when a visitor is injured on their land. But under California premises liability law, different types of visitors may have different legal status. A person who is considered an invitee on the premises of another property owner may be afforded the greatest level of protection of all types of individuals.

An invitee is someone who invited to be on the land or property of another. Individuals who shop at stores may be considered invitees because they are encouraged to come and buy goods from the stores. Generally, the extension of an invitation to a person to be in a place that is not under their own control may afford them the expectation that precautions have been taken to ensure their safety.

For example, a property owner who extends an invitation to others to come to their store must prepare for their invitees by eliminating dangers, repairing damages and providing warnings for any hazards that cannot be fixed. Invitees who are hurt in accidents on another’s property may be able to pursue damages due to the failure of their hosts to provide them with safe accommodations.

It’s important to note that the legal status of the visitor is not the only factor a court considers when deciding a premises liability case. The legal issues are complex, and these cases are highly fact-sensitive. People who have been injured due to a hazardous condition at a store or other property should consult with an experienced lawyer to learn about how the law might apply to their unique situation.

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