What is a manufacturing defect for personal injury purposes?

Many products are made in factories. When Californians shop online or at their favorite stores, they may purchase goods that were mass produced in large facilities using automated processes and standardized production techniques. There is nothing wrong with manufactured items, and it many situations manufactured goods are safe and useful tools for American consumers.

However, problems can and do come up when products are made by factories. Whereas a design defect may make a product dangerous based on how it is planned to look and operate, a manufacturing defect may make a product dangerous when something goes wrong in the manufacturing process.

For example, let’s consider a factory that makes glass drinking cups. The design of the cup may be safe and appropriate for its use, but if a problem occurs in the heating of the glass before it goes into its molds, it may become brittle and subject to easy breaking. The failure of the glass maker to regulate the temperature of the glass and to ensure that it would be safely manufactured may lead to consumer injuries if those poorly made glasses shattered when used by those who purchased them.

Manufacturing defects happen during the manufacturing process and are often the results of technological and human error. When manufacturing defects happen it is up to product makers to provide victims with compensation so that they can heal and move their lives forward. In the wake of a manufacturing defect injury, a victim may turn to their trusted personal injury attorney to begin preparing their legal claim for damages from the manufacturer whose negligence caused them to suffer.

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