Pedestrians can become victims of motor vehicle accidents

California has beautiful weather. There is no denying that fact that during the spring and summer, when the rain has stopped and the sky is clear, there is nothing better than being outside to experience the beauty of a sunny day. Some San Mateo County residents plan their commutes to involve some walking when the weather is good, and many families plan walking outings when they have time to spend together.

Walking and being outdoors are common pastimes for Northern Californians, but just because many people take to the roads and streets by foot to get to where they want to go does not mean that they are always seen and avoided. Pedestrians are often the victims of senseless and deadly accidents with cars and in many situations the drivers of the involved vehicles are to blame.

Distracted drivers can fail to notice pedestrians who are rightfully in intersections and crossing through walkways. Speeding drivers may fail to maintain control of their vehicles and may be unable to avoid collisions with pedestrians. Intoxicated drivers may misjudge how close they are to pedestrians and may create dangerous situations for everyone that must be near them on the roads.

Pedestrian victims of motor vehicle accidents can suffer serious injuries and can face significant losses when they are involved in crashes. Their damages should not be forgotten and in some cases these victims may elect to sue for the recovery of what has been taken from them. Their cases can be supported by personal injury attorneys who understand how to prepare and advocate for pleadings based on pedestrian accidents.

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