Ford recalls 665,000 vehicles for safety defects

We often see news announcements noting a vehicle recall for certain defects, many of which can affect the safety of the vehicle and thus those inside. In such cases, the recalls can be the result of actual accidents or injuries sustained, where at least part of the cause is traced back to the defect. When these accidents occur and someone is injured, then, it may be possible to successfully recover compensation from the vehicle manufacturer.

Recently, Ford Motor Company issued recall notices for 10 different models involving a total of 665,000 cars and trucks. Given the high number of vehicles involved, a significant number will likely be found in California and the San Francisco area. All of the identified defects could lead to, or worsen the effects of, a motor vehicle accident.

Ford had divided the recalls into four categories. For certain models of Ford trucks and SUVs, the vehicles are being recalled because some of the seats are missing an important component that is intended to restrain a person in case of an accident.

In addition, seats in cars with the missing component may detach from the frame and subject a person in the seat to threat of serious injury.

A second recall category involves vehicles in which the motor that operates power steering may loosen and disable the power steering, forcing the driver to use greater effort to steer the vehicle. Vehicles affected include certain years of the Ford Fusion and Edge, as well as the Lincoln MKZ and MKX.

The third recall category involves potential brake failure on the 2019 Ford Fiesta. The front brake calipers are subject to overheating and possible failure. Finally, the last category involves certain years of Ford Fiestas. The battery junction box is subject to corrosion, which may cause the low beam headlights and daylight running lights to fail.

Sadly, accidents that are caused or made worse by design or manufacturing defects like those in these recent recalls can have a lasting impact on those injured. When medical bills and lost wages start to pile up, there are legal options to obtain compensation from the automakers to help with recovery.

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