High driving a problem among young motorists

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control, around 12 million people admitted to driving while under the influence of marijuana on at least one occasion. Additionally, 2 million people said that they had driven after using other illegal drugs. If there is a bright said to this news, it is that drugged driving has yet to become as pervasive as drunken driving, as 21 million people admitted to driving after having too much to drink.

The problem of using marijuana while driving is particularly pronounced among the younger generation. Of those who were surveyed, 12% of drivers between 21 and 25 admitted to driving while under the influence of marijuana.

One person pointed out that these numbers may not accurately reflect the full extent of the problem. She said that since the survey depended on people to honestly admit to unlawful behavior, there was a risk that many of those asked were not truthful. She also pointed out that it is relatively difficult for police officers to tell whether a person is under the influence of alcohol, as there is no easy test like those available for alcohol.

As most residents of San Mateo County probably know, recreational marijuana use has been permitted among most adults in California for some time now. However, the fact that the drug itself can be used legally is no excuse for driving while high.

As is the case with drunken driving or driving while under the influence of illegal drugs, high driving is irresponsible behavior which can lead to serious and even deadly motor vehicle accidents. Victims of such accidents may have legal options available to them.

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