Charter bus driver causes deadly highway pileup

A charter bus driver traveling on a major highway in another state reportedly lost control of his vehicle. As a result, his bus, which was in the inside lane, crashed into the concrete wall dividing his lane from oncoming traffic.

The bus, which was carrying 56 people, flipped onto its side and came to rest on a slope near the road. Unfortunately, several other vehicles, including two large trucks and some passenger vehicles, were also involved in this motor vehicle accident, even though the crash happened during the overnight hours.

Police and federal authorities investigating the accident reported five fatalities, including two employees of a major parcel delivery company and a nine-year-old. Additionally, 60 people were hurt because of this accident, with some passengers on the bus being ejected from the vehicle.

Of those injured, most were thankfully stabilized at various local hospitals and then released. However, some victims had to be transferred to other facilities after initial treatment, and a couple were listed in critical condition. Many of those injured were under 18.

While this accident happened in another state, it attracted national media attention. Moreover, California’s roads, including those in San Mateo County and the rest of the Bay Area, are filled with charter buses that people ride for tourism and a variety of other reasons.

The companies who own these buses, and their drivers, have a legal obligation not only to keep their own passengers safe but also to be on the lookout for other motorists and share the road with them. Fatigued, distracted or inattentive driving on the part of a charter bus driver should not be tolerated, especially since the end result can be a tragedy much like the one discussed here.

Victims of charter bus accidents may have legal options available to them for pursuing compensation.

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