What do you know about navigating finances after an injury?

You sustained a personal injury recently, and while you have a viable case, you still have bills to pay. What money moves should you make now?

To protect your financial health while recovering, see what Programming Insider says. Bill collectors do not stop demanding payment because you cannot work while injured.

Track your current expenses

Closely monitor your credit card and debit accounts to track your regular expenses. Not only does noting your expenses help you create a streamlined budget, but the insights could also prove useful for your legal case. Do not forget to account for your medical expenses while you wait to see how your personal injury case pans out.

Find alternate streams of income

Just because you cannot work your current position does not mean that you cannot make money at all. Research gigs and alternate work opportunities in California that you may qualify for with your current injury. You may have professional skills and an education that lets you work from home as an independent contractor. Your current situation may present a great opportunity to consider going back to school, thinking about a different line of work or requesting a promotion once you recover.

Consider disability insurance

If you have disability insurance, you may want to file a claim to help cover expenses and replace a percentage of your lost wages. Even if you do not have disability insurance, you could qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. Bear in mind that only people with a permanent disability meet the requirements for SSDI. If your doctor expects you to make a full recovery from your injury, think about a different option.

Take action to keep your bill collectors satisfied while you get back on your feet. Ingenuity and organization prove invaluable during such times.

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