What should I do after a hit-and-run?

No matter how minor the car accident, it is likely to frustrate your day. However, the situation becomes far more complex when the other driver involved in the accident chooses to speed away from the scene.

Dealing with a hit-and-run accident is much like dealing with a “normal” accident, only that the accident becomes a crime scene the moment the other driver chooses to flee. If you are standing alone after a collision, you should stay where you are and make sure to talk with any eyewitnesses to the accident promptly.

What do I do?

The first thing is to stay calm and stay on the scene. You may feel an overwhelming urge to give chase after the culprit, but this is not a good idea. Remember that as soon as one of the parties involved in an accident chooses to leave, that is a crime.

Instead, only move your car if it is blocking the flow of traffic. Beyond this, the steps you should take are mostly the same as if it were a regular accident. Call 911 if anybody in the vicinity has sustained an injury, and call the non-emergency police number if not. Having a police report will make working with your insurance afterwards much simpler.

How can eyewitnesses help?

It is possible that an eyewitness at the scene was able to get a photo or video footage of the culprit. Many people carry smartphones and it is possible that a savvy eyewitness realized that he or she was witness to a hit-and-run; thus, they may have snapped a photo. If so, this information can help the police locate the culprit much faster.


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