Slip and fall accidents at the pool could result in a claim

A community swimming pool, a nearby water park and neighbors with pools of their own, can increase the potential risk for injuries and hazardous situations. If a fun outing turns into a tragic event due to negligence, you may have grounds for a California premises liability claim.

According to the California Legislature, pool safety guidelines include specifications for fencing, covers, latches and alarms. The property owners or authorized agents must meet building requirements and take the required safety precautions around swimming pool structures and other attractive hazards.

Slip and fall hazards at the pool

Slippery conditions often exist in the pool area, despite the presence of rubber mats and textured tiles. Hazards commonly found in and around a pool or spa include the following:

  • Inadequate drainage that allows puddles on the decking
  • Disrepair of steps or ladder leading to the diving board
  • Damaged steps or ladders leading into the pool
  • Spilled sunscreen, tanning oil and other substances on the walking surface

The potential for an accident increases in and around crowds. You or your child may fall on a slick surface created due to someone else’s negligence.

Slip and fall claim requirements

Accidents happen, and not all injuries are grounds for legal action. Several factors must be present for a successful claim. The first is that the property owner or manager did not comply with safety requirements. This can include using inappropriate materials for the pool surround, decking and other surfaces.

You must also demonstrate that the responsible party knew that the conditions were unsafe but did not correct them. If you can prove they allowed dangerous property conditions at the pool, you may have grounds for a claim.

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