Dangerous Property Conditions

Dangerous Property Conditions Accident

In order to prevent accidents and assaults on property premises, property owners are required by California state and local law to take certain precautions. This applies to owners of residential homes, retail stores, construction sites and office buildings. Failing to keep up a reasonable level of safety entitles injured persons to claim for premises liability.

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When California Building Codes Are Ignored

California residents are protected by the state and local building codes that have been created to ensure citizens’ safety. A premises liability claim may be the result of an owner or contractor disregarding these regulations or violating the building codes — which results in foundation collapse, a slip-and-fall accident, or other problems.

Claims may be brought against the state, county or city in the event that negligence of a public employee is the cause. Industry experts work alongside attorney Donig in order to accurately determine which building codes were violated and aid him in demonstrating the property liability to a jury or insurance company.

When Negligent Security Leads To Assaults

Property owners should keep their publicly accessible grounds reasonably secure. This may require security cameras, a ramp for the disabled, well-lit walkways and staircases, and/or hired security officers. Negligence in security could be blamed for a victim’s violent or sexual assault, which may entitle the victim to a premises liability claim for damages including pain and suffering, as well as PTSD.

When Children Are Harmed By Animal Attacks And Attractive Hazards

By law, property owners are required to use special precautions to ensure children’s safety. This may include covering a swimming pool or spa when not in use to prevent drowning, leashing and/or fencing in a menacing dog to prevent dog attacks, or fencing off construction sites or hazardous areas to prevent accidents.

General liability insurance provides compensation in the event that such accidents occur. Obtain a well-informed legal opinion by Mr. Donig in order to understand how the law applies to your particular situation. Our lawyer will review your case and advise you on what actions you should take.

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