Practicing self-care while recovering from a personal injury

After an injury, it can be difficult to return to a normal routine, especially when you suffer from chronic pain.

Self-care is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and despite your new normal, you deserve the opportunity to spend time maintaining your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Put yourself first

Self-care is not selfish, and you have a right to prioritize your needs. People in your life who have never suffered a debilitating personal injury may not understand your plight at first, but having the confidence to express your wishes and set boundaries is essential to your recovery process. It is okay to ask for help from your support network.

Allow yourself to rest

You must do a significant amount of work to heal your body after an injury, and you may be in a hurry to get well and feel normal again. However, regardless of your fitness level prior to the accident, your body and mind will need time and space to rest. You should not feel guilty for taking time to relax.

Monitor your condition

While you may begin to feel better with specific medications and exercise regimens, it is essential that you do not ignore your symptoms, which may change over time. Continue to attend your physical therapy appointments, take prescribed drugs and reach out for medical assistance when you need it.

A serious injury can disrupt your life in momentous ways, but you should not give up on yourself. As you seek to restore your health and recover your losses after an accident, you can act in ways that will benefit your overall wellness throughout the process.

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