Is there such a thing as a bike accident expert?

Yes, there are definitely experts that are involved in bicycle accidents. You could have an accident in which how the accident happened, let’s say it’s a car versus a bicycle. How did it happened, who is at fault? Because bikes operate differently than cars do, someone who really understands how bikes operate, how visible they are for cars, about their braking distances, about their speeds. A bike might be taking off from a stop going through an intersection or it could be traveling down a road. If it’s taking off from a stop and it goes 15 feet before it gets hit, you might have an issue, well, did that person leave too soon? Did they go through a red light? How far were they into the intersection? How far could they have gone? And somebody who knows how far you can go from a dead stop on a bike in, let’s say, three seconds, or knows what the stopping distances are, or how they maneuver, is the right kind of accident reconstruction expert and somebody who doesn’t know anything about bicycles would not be particularly helpful in an accident that involves a bike and maybe a car.

So there’s definitely certain experts that are specifically trained and knowledgeable about the operation of bikes, and that’s the kind of expert you should get if you have an accident involving a bike. Similarly, there are experts specifically trained in motorcycle accidents. And then you might have a case that involves not necessarily the operation of the bike, but whether the bike was in good condition in the first place. You might have an accident that happens because of a malfunction on the bike and that might be a different kind of expert. Somebody who has a bicycle shop or who does bicycle repairs would probably be the best kind of expert for that kind of a case.

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