Why do eucalyptus branches fall?

A eucalyptus is a stunning, beautiful tree that towers over any property and instantly enhances the curb appeal. They grow in a lot of different areas and climates, so these hearty trees make it easy to keep them growing strong year after year. They are well-loved for their huge canopies and wide-spread branches.

Unfortunately, these branches can also be incredibly dangerous. When they fall, the size and weight can make them deadly to those on the ground.

Think you have nothing to worry about? One woman was in her car when a branch fell. It smashed through her windshield and struck her knee, causing serious injuries. In another instance, a falling branch hit a young mother and she passed away from her injuries.

In yet another case, the entire tree fell on a wedding party while a photographer was taking wedding pictures. Multiple people got pinned under it and injured, while one woman died.

Most people do not think of the danger when they see these beautiful trees lining the street or soaring above them, but you can see that it is very important to consider the risk. One thing you may be wondering is why these branches fall.

Eucalyptus branch drop

In the right company, eucalyptus branch drop is a well-known issue. It often happens when the trees suffer from disease and/or rot. A sick tree may slowly start shedding its branches one-by-one as it dies. Each time one falls, anyone on the ground is in severe danger.

Warning signs

Property owners should notice warning signs that something is wrong. Of course, the first time that a branch falls, owners need to investigate to see if it is an isolated incident — caused by high winds, for instance — or a symptom exposing a much deeper issue.

One potential sign is when a tree infected by Phytophthora fungi has cankers or vertical streaks on the trunk. It may also have discoloration that owners can see under the bark itself. This infection can lead to rot, and those signs on the trunk can indicate that rot may cause branches to fall.

Another potential sign is when the tree has dark sap on the trunk. It will ooze out from under the bark when the tree’s health is deteriorating. This usually means that the tree suffers from some type of rot and related disease. Even if no branches have fallen yet, the presence of sap means that they could in the near future.

Legal options

As shown, people face very real risks when branches drop or entire trees collapse. Those who suffer injuries need to know if they have a right to financial compensation.

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