Dangerous Conditions On Public Property

Injured By Dangerous Conditions of Public Property?

California law requires injured persons to file a claim promptly after their accident in a public or state property (such as a government building). If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed due to the negligence of a government employee or due to a dangerous public area, time is of the essence to receive full compensation for the loss.

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Injuries In California State, County And City Parks

California citizens enjoy visiting parks, and it is not unreasonable for hikers, bicyclists, skaters, and families with children to expect a safe and enjoyable experience at any park. Injury can be caused by uneven stairs or stairs without a handrail, defective playground equipment, or a broken section of pavement. To ensure the public’s safety, community swimming pools should be correctly fenced and gated, with warning signs if no lifeguards are available.

Injuries In Public Buildings

Something as simple as a wet floor or dangerous set of stairs can result in a slip-and-fall accident that could have serious consequences such as a permanent back or hip injury, or even a traumatic brain injury. Negligent security can make sexual assault much more likely, resulting in a lifetime of psychological trauma. Unnecessary, foreseeable injuries in public areas entitle victims to a premises liability claim to receive compensation for their pain and suffering.

Defective Roads And Sidewalks

Victims may make a claim against the state, county or city agency responsible for their injuries. This includes defective roadway conditions (such as a poorly maintained bike path or sidewalk) that cause a car accident, a missing manhole cover that causes a trip-and-fall accident, and a broken sidewalk that causes a broken bone. Missing guardrails, dangerous intersections and other problems may also cause serious injury.

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