Your personal injury claim is important

From stubbed toes to minor cuts and bruises, it is easy to disregard the little mishaps that people suffer when they try to do too much too fast or when they suffer from simple clumsiness. These little, self-imposed injuries are part of everyday life and do not allow individuals to seek the recovery of their losses in court.

However, when individuals suffer harm through no fault of their own, their legal options may be very different. This is because individuals generally owe a duty of care to each other to act reasonably and to avoid inflicting injuries on one other. When a person fails to meet their standard of care and breaches their duty to act reasonably to another person, they may commit negligence in their actions.

Negligence was the topic of a recent post on this blog and was discussed in the context of motor vehicle accidents. However, negligence may exist in practically every type of interaction that exists between people. Negligence may exist in how they maintain their property for others, in how they train their pets, and in how they react to certain stimuli; negligence can happen pretty much everywhere and at any time.

The end result of a negligent act is often injury, and when an injury is caused through another person’s negligence, the injured victim has legal rights. The Law Office of Reuben J. Donig is available to consult with new personal injury clients and to help them understand how negligence may be a factor in their potential claims.

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