Trucking Accidents

Pursuing Compensation For Truck Accident Victims

If you or a loved one was involved in a collision with a semitruck, you may be dealing with serious injuries and wondering how you will cope with a catastrophic injury such as paralysis or brain damage.

Most people do not realize that there are several insurance policies that may be applied to an injury from an auto accident involving a tractor-trailer. The circumstances preceding the crash, the trucking company’s insurance, the truck driver’s insurance and the health/auto insurance of the injured driver are just some of the many policies that may apply. Additional claims depend upon whether any other party was negligent.

With nearly 50 years of experience in aiding victims of trucking accidents, San Mateo County attorney Reuben J. Donig is well-prepared to help victims and their families recover the maximum compensation owed to them. Don’t hesitate to reach out for the assistance you need. Call our lawyer at 650-668-3600.

Experienced With A Wide Variety Of Truck-Related Claims

The following is a list of some of the types of California truck accident claims that Mr. Donig has handled in the past:

  • Jackknife and rollover accidents
  • Improperly secured cargo and oversized loads
  • Hazardous material transportation permit violations
  • Brake failure, defective tires and other defective equipment
  • Accidents involving municipal trucks and other government vehicles
  • Defective roadways, including those with poorly designed grades and missing signage
  • Truck driver negligence, including drowsy driving, speeding, or the use of drugs or alcohol

Get Strong Guidance Through The Process

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