Bicycle Accidents

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Even when wearing a helmet, a bicycle does not give users protection. A bicyclist often suffers catastrophic injuries if struck by a car, truck or bus; the injuries sustained may lead to permanent disability or even death. If you or a loved one has suffered such a tragedy, it is vital that you obtain the greatest compensation available so you can cover medical bills and other expenses.

With his extensive experience in the often complex and difficult bicycle accident cases, San Mateo County attorney Reuben J. Donig is well-prepared to assist you with your claim. Please contact our California office today to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Donig: 650-668-3600.

Working With Experts To Develop Your Case

When representing a client who has suffered a bicycle accident injury, a police report alone is insufficient for a lawyer to fully assist you. As your attorney, Mr. Donig will collaborate with scientific experts and accident reconstructionists to gather the evidence he needs to win your case. In addition, he will personally interview witnesses to identify the variety of factors that contributed to the crash.

Lawyer Reuben J. Donig will also call upon life care and occupational experts to accurately calculate the full amount that your claim will benefit you. This is particularly helpful in severe cases that resulted in permanent injury such as a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury (or, if fatal, a wrongful death claim made by the family members of the bereaved). Next, Mr. Donig will give you all of the information that you need in order to make well-informed decisions throughout the case’s proceedings.

Sources of Compensation For An Injured Bicyclist

A number of sources may be held liable for damages such as the victim’s auto and health insurance policies. For example:

  • Under both personal injury protection and uninsured/underinsured motorist provisions, injuries from a hit-and-run bicycle accident may be covered by a car insurance policy held by any member of the victim’s household.
  • A defective product claim may be made if the bike helmet failed to protect the bicyclist’s head or if the bicycle’s brakes failed.
  • The driver of a motor vehicle is considered negligent if they failed to stop at an intersection’s traffic signal, drove into the bike lane, failed to acknowledge the bicycle reflectors in the headlights, or sped in conditions of poor visibility or bad weather.
  • An employment claim may be made if the bicyclist was injured while working for a bike messenger service.

Reuben J. Donig’s experience as an attorney will aid you in receiving all possible compensation to ensure that you recover physically and fiscally from your accident.

Dealing With The Insurance Company After Your Bicycle Accident

Do not accept any insurance compensation offers until you have spoken with your lawyer first. Due to the critical state of the early stages of a settlement, it is important that you preserve your right to a personal injury trial by contacting a lawyer first.

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