Common Carriers/Amusement Rides

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The state of California has a number of the most renowned amusement parks in the world, along with hundreds of local and regional water parks. These popular family recreational spots attract millions of visitors and serious injuries sometimes occur.

If you or a family member has been injured in an amusement park accident, it is imperative for you to get legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney. San Mateo, California, lawyer Reuben J. Donig has extensive experience obtaining significant settlements and awards in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Don’t hesitate to contact our firm today for help and advocacy.

Operators Of Amusement Park Rides Have A Strict Duty Of Care

Like operators of other public transportation, including buses, taxis and limousines, anyone offering amusement park rides has a duty of care to passengers that is much stricter than that of an ordinary driver. All of these modes of transport are known as common carriers under the law.

Consequently, obtaining compensation for your injuries after a bus accident, train accident or amusement park ride accident may in some cases be less complex or difficult than after a wreck involving nonprofessional private drivers.

Under this strict duty of care, negligence and liability may be reasonably straightforward to establish in the case of an injury or fatality that occurs on a defective or poorly maintained amusement park ride. Although such situations have some elements in common with defective product cases, the legal approach necessary relies on premises liability law. The most likely means of recovery would be the liability insurance carrier for the amusement park or carnival owner.

Learn About Your Options For Recovering Compensation

Very serious injuries and many fatalities have occurred in amusement park accidents around the world. Legal recourse is available if you or a family member has been victimized.

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