What To Do After A Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyers in San Mateo County

In the aftermath of a car accident, people often wonder what steps to take next. Should they go about their day if the damage does not seem serious, or do they need to address the crash immediately? How can they protect their access to the financial support they need?

At the Law Office of Reuben J. Donig, we can provide skilled counsel. Our San Mateo County car accident attorney offers insights based on nearly 50 years of experience, guiding injured people through every stage of the process of making a claim after a crash.

5 Key Steps To Remember

The actions that a person takes after a car accident can lay the groundwork for their insurance claim and for legal action against negligent drivers. Some important steps after a crash include:

  1. Do not apologize – While it can be tempting to apologize after an accident, an insurance company may use that apology as evidence that you were at fault for the crash.
  2. Contact the authorities – Whether or not they believe that an accident was serious, reporting the incident to the police creates a record to refer to later.
  3. Seek medical attention – To ensure that injuries receive proper treatment and to document their link to the crash, injured people should meet with a health care provider as soon as possible after a crash.
  4. Document the scene – If possible, people should document important evidence at the scene. Recording key information like the license plate and insurance information of the other driver, taking pictures and writing down the contact information of witnesses can preserve evidence in case of future legal action.
  5. Contact an attorney – Whether or not people believe that legal action is necessary, they may benefit from the advice of an experienced attorney. Attorneys can also help them negotiate with insurance companies and preserve evidence relevant to the crash.

By taking the right steps after a crash, injured people can protect their legal rights and their access to the compensation they need.

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