Bus Accidents

Experienced Bus Accident Attorney

At the Law Office of Reuben J. Donig in San Mateo County, we understand that bus accidents, depending on the impact, can potentially cause severe injuries, particularly because most do not provide passengers with seat belts and many people stand up while riding the bus.

Due to this lack of safety features, and because they are professionals, bus drivers have a greater obligation to drive safely than a regular driver. If it can be proven that the bus driver could have avoided the accident, then they can be considered responsible for any resulting damages.

Can You Benefit From Fleet Insurance?

As with other common carriers, California bus drivers have fleet insurance, which covers personal injury claims in the case of a bus accident. You may also be entitled to receive compensation from your own auto or health insurance as well.

With nearly 50 years of experience, San Mateo County attorney Reuben J. Donig is knowledgeable in how to successfully resolve public transportation claims. Those who have been injured in public, commercial or school bus accidents have been represented by Mr. Donig who has handled cases in which a driver’s negligence and/or a poorly maintained roadway was to blame. Additionally, Mr. Donig has experience in filing wrongful death claims on behalf of families of those killed in bus accidents.

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If you or a loved one has experienced an injury due to a bus accident, it is vital that you get a legal opinion before accepting any settlement offer.

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