Defective Products

Experienced Product Defect Attorneys

Consumers purchase products with the trust that the manufacturer has performed adequate safety tests and will not sell a dangerous product. That consumer confidence benefits each manufacturer, distributor and retailer. Thus, all parties involved in the design, manufacture, delivery, and sale of a household appliance or other product must be held responsible for injuries resulting from its use, as upheld by California and federal law.

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When You Have Two Claims Instead Of One

Defective or poorly designed products may result in a single injury claim or in several related claims, as in a car accident or workplace injury. These cases are often challenging, and a skilled and experienced lawyer with access to industry experts is necessary if the case is to be won.

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Almost Any Product Can Be Dangerous

Claims involving injury caused by a wide range of dangerous products may include:

  • Food contamination and choking hazards
  • Household appliances, dangerous toys, infant car seats and baby furniture
  • Design defects, manufacturing defects and inadequate warning labels
  • Vehicle recalls of defective automobiles, air bag or seat belt defects, and defective tires

Strict Liability For Defective And Dangerous Products

After the point at which the product became dangerous, anyone involved in bringing you the product that caused you injury can be held liable. For example, if the product’s defective design was the injury’s cause, you may sue the designer, manufacturer, shipper and vendor responsible for selling the faulty product. If the design was acceptable but the manufacturing was faulty, you may not sue the designer. This strict liability ensures that the entire industry responsible for damage caused by a faulty product is held responsible.

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