Common Carrier Accidents

Injured By A California Bus, Train Or Taxi?

A “common carrier” is a commercial enterprise that publicly offers transportation for passengers or freight. You may receive compensation if you have suffered from a serious injury in an accident involving a bus, train, tram, taxi, limousine, the BART or even a chair lift.

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A Bus Or Taxi Driver Is Obligated To Avoid An Accident

Liability is easier to establish in a taxi or bus collision than in other motor vehicle accidents. As professional drivers, those who operate a bus, taxi, train or other common carrier is held to a higher standard than nonprofessionals. This means that rather than proving that they caused the accident, you must prove that they could have avoided it.

Fleet Insurance And Other Sources Of Compensation

The first step to recovering compensation is establishing the driver as the responsible party. Fleet insurance is carried by everyone who operates a system of public transportation, including San Francisco’s famed trolley car system, commuter rail lines and public buses. You may receive compensation from your health insurance, auto insurance and/or fleet insurance.

Talk To A Lawyer Before Accepting A Settlement

If you or a loved one has experienced a common carrier accident injury, it is vital that you get a legal opinion before accepting any settlement offer.

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