What should businesses do to prevent slips, trips and falls?

The embarrassment of falling in a public place is the least of your concerns when the outcome creates ongoing pain and injury that restrict you from living your life. Being the victim of a slip, trip or fall that was not your fault can also leave you feeling angry and confused. 

When shopping for food, enjoying an entertainment facility, visiting the library or trying a new restaurant, worrying about your safety is never something you should have to do. Businesses have the responsibility to maintain their premises to allow you an optimal experience that is both memorable and safe. 

Prevention is a joint effort 

An excellent way that you can prioritize your own safety is to wear proper footwear for whatever activity you plan to do. Pay attention to your surroundings and avoid distractions that could prevent you from recognizing a hazard before it is too late. 

According to Nationwide, businesses should proactively maintain and preserve their exterior and interior walkways and commons areas to allow you to safely move without the risk of tripping over something. Loose mats or carpeting, potholes, uneven surfaces and poor lighting are all dangerous for you and other patrons and require immediate action. Signs warning you of impending danger are important if a business is unable to fix something immediately. 

Reporting your concerns 

Visiting a business where you notice something dangerous that could cause someone to slip, trip and fall may create feelings of uneasiness and frustration. In these circumstances, it is important for you to disclose your concerns to management. You have the right to pursue legal action in situations where an injury sustained by you or someone you care about is the result of a business’s negligence in maintaining their property. 

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