How should you handle house-guest injuries?

Current events may have you scaling back on inviting people to your home, but you may have occasional socially responsible gatherings with your California-based friends. No matter what is happening in the world, there is always a chance a guest could sustain an injury on your property.

Learn how to handle guest injuries on your property the right way. By working together and understanding your rights and responsibilities, you can take care of your guests and sustain your friendship.

Offer help

After you learn of the injury, ask your friend or guest if she or he is OK. If necessary, call for an ambulance, or offer to take the person to the hospital. One thing you should not do is say anything that makes it seem like you bear responsibility for what happened. You may not have all the facts and circumstances of the situation, which means you may not be as responsible as you believe. For instance, the person may have had a few drinks before visiting, or she or he may be on a medication that affects balance or coordination.

File an insurance claim

If you have homeowner’s insurance, you may have medical coverage if a guest becomes injured on your property. Depending on the guest and extent of the injury, the other party may involve a legal professional. If so, do not talk to this person under any circumstances.

Determine if you both bear partial responsibility

It may turn out that both you and the injured party share responsibility for the injury, which is contributory or comparative negligence. Under such circumstances, you may not have to pay as much in damages as you would if you bore full responsibility.

Household injuries are more common than you may believe. Hopefully, you have a better idea of what steps to take to keep an upleasant situation from souring further.

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