4 mistakes that can jeopardize your personal injury case

After you suffer an injury in a car collision, slip-and-fall or workplace accident, you likely want to seek compensation for your medical bills and other related costs.

The at-fault party in your accident will try to avoid liability, and your actions could help them do so. Here are four common mistakes that could jeopardize your personal injury case.

1. Posting on social media

Even if you set your social media accounts to private, there is still a chance that insurance companies or attorneys can access information that they can use to undermine your claims. You should never talk about your case online and avoid sharing any other content that could make you appear irresponsible or minimize your injury.

2. Failing to seek medical attention

If you do not seek medical treatment for your injuries following an accident, you may harm your case and put your health at great risk. Failure to see a medical professional could indicate that you are not as hurt as you say.

3. Concealing or changing details

You should be honest about the accident. Exaggerating details or leaving out pertinent information because you think it will help your case could damage your credibility.

4. Talking to insurance companies

Insurance companies know how to twist what you to say to their benefit and have experience proving that their clients are not to blame. You should never talk directly to the at-fault party’s insurer.

If you are unsure if any of your actions are harming your case, appropriate legal counsel can help you understand the best way to maximize your compensation.

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