What are some hidden backyard dangers that put guests at risk for injury?

Your backyard may be an oasis where you spend time with friends and family, but it can also be a dangerous place. If someone were to get hurt on your property, you would face liability for it.

There can be many hidden dangers you might not notice right away. Safewise explains you should do a survey of your backyard space to look for hazards regularly. Here is a look at a few things you may not think about.

Unsteady or unkempt playsets

If you have children and have set up a swing set or playset, make sure to check it often for stability. You also want to check it for any damage or other issues. Injuries can easily happen if there is a broken chain on a swing, an uneven slide or a loose railing.

Patio weakness

Your deck or patio, if made of wood, could have areas where the structure is weak. Over time and due to aging, the wood can rot or suffer damage that introduces a safety risk. You should check over the structure regularly for warped boards or signs of movement that signal an issue.

If you have a patio of concrete or stone, you also want to check it for areas that could pose a problem. Settling can leave uneven spots, which can easily lead to falls.

Dangerous branches

Do not forget to look up and check branches hanging over your backyard area. A broken or weak branch could easily fall and cause injury and damage to anything in its path. While storms can bring branches down, if they are especially vulnerable, it may only take a good breeze or they could fall without warning.

Checking your backyard regularly for hazards can ensure you keep your guests safe and protect you from liability claims.

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