Experienced Paralysis Injury Attorneys in San Mateo County

One of the most common causes of paralysis due to a spinal cord injury is a motor vehicle accident. It can also occur as a result of a fall or other accident, an untreated tumor, or a surgical error. Incorrectly administered anesthesia during surgery can also cause paralysis.

Whether your spinal cord injury was caused by someone’s carelessness or deliberate malice, you need to speak with an experienced attorney about your right to financial compensation for pain and suffering, as well as medical costs. Turn to the Law Office of Reuben J. Donig in California for caring, personalized assistance throughout the process.

You May Require Constant Care — Which Means Lifelong Expenses

Paralysis can be temporary or permanent, and may affect only the legs, only the arms, or (in quadriplegia) all limbs. Paralysis of one limb (monoplegia) or the same body part on both sides of the body (diplegia) is also a potential result of a spinal injury.

Especially because people who suffer from paralysis often require constant care, such a circumstance can result in significant financial expense, both present and future. Whether you or a loved one has suffered from paralysis due to a spinal injury, you are entitled to compensation from the party or parties who caused the injury.

Providing The Level Of Service You Deserve

Reuben J. Donig is a lawyer with nearly 50 years of experience. He has worked with injured and paralyzed people and shows his genuine empathy and care in everything that he does. Past clients have commented on how he has taken the time to educate them on exactly what they need to know in order to make well-informed decisions, and he is an expert at negotiations and litigation.

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