Burn Injuries

Be Represented by our Burn Injury Lawyers

At the Law Office of Reuben J. Doing in San Mateo, we know that in addition to being extremely painful, burn injuries can be severe enough to immobilize a victim or cause deep-tissue damage. Whether caused by hot water, flames, chemicals, electricity, or contact with a hot surface, your burn injuries may entitle you to a claim for compensation.

In addition to recovering compensation for medical care, you may also receive compensation for pain and suffering, inability to work at your job, and any other complications due to your burn injuries.

You May Need Money For Multiple Surgeries And Other Care

It is imperative that you contact a professional lawyer if you have suffered from burn injuries. Though first-degree burns do not cause scarring, second- and third-degree burns do, and blisters, nerve damage and thick scarring may result. This can cause disfiguration or (in the case of contracture scars) permanently tighten the skin, damaging the underlying tendons and muscles, damaging nerves, and limiting mobility.

Multiple surgeries may be necessary, particularly in the most severe of cases. This can be financially devastating if you do not seek proper compensation from the responsible parties. Please contact our law office today to receive a free private consultation with attorney Reuben J. Donig. He will be your strong advocate and will thoroughly investigate to obtain the maximum settlement that is owed to you.

Working To Get You The Compensation You Deserve

California attorney Reuben J. Donig will work to identify all possible sources of compensation to help ensure you receive the money you need. To set up a free, no-obligation consultation with him as soon as possible, call us at 650-668-3600 or email our office.