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At the Law Office of Reuben J. Donig in San Mateo County, we know that a broken bone due to an accident that was someone else’s fault can result in a large degree of pain and difficulty in returning to a normal lifestyle. The severity of the fracture may range from a hairline crack to a compound fracture, the latter of which includes injury not only to the bone but also to the surrounding tissue.

Although a bone fracture in the arm or leg may not appear to be very serious, if a joint is damaged, permanent health problems (such as arthritis) may occur. Knee or hip replacement surgery, which is risky and expensive, may also become necessary as a result of the original injury.

When a fracture injury is complicated by joint damage, factors such as pain, joint replacement surgery and recovery time must be considered. There is also the possibility of a second replacement needed in the future, supposing that the victim is healthy enough for surgery.

In the case of a joint problem, extreme pain may result, as well as severely limited motion. Due to the highly invasive nature of hip or knee replacements, they are very expensive and require a lengthy recovery time.

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As he is highly adept at determining a claim’s value, attorney Reuben J. Donig can provide you with the legal counsel that you need. In addition to clearly explaining everything that you need to know in order to make a wise decision, Mr. Donig will thoroughly study your condition and advise you concerning what you should expect financially.

With nearly 50 years of experience in litigating on behalf of injured parties, Mr. Donig is well-prepared to assist you through any negotiations or litigation. All clients are treated with the greatest degree of respect and care, and Mr. Donig will provide you with the answers that you need in your bone fracture injury case.

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