What is my case worth?

Video Transcription

Interviewer: What is my case worth?

Reuben J. Donig: So, how do you… Another way of asking that question is, how is the value of your case or your damages calculated?

Your damages are calculated based on a few basic principles. First of all, let’s assume that you’re completely faultless. You have no liability for causing the situation or your injuries. If there’s no fault on your part at all, and it’s entirely somebody else’s fault, then to start with, you’re entitled to collect 100% of your damages. So, that’s one factor.

The second factor is, what are your economic damages? I mean, if you’re entitled to collect 100% because it’s entirely someone else’s fault, then you’re entitled to collect all of your past and future economic damages. That means any income loss that you’ve experienced or will experience in the future, or reduced earning capacity, your past and possibly future medical expenses, and any other assorted losses or out-of-pocket expenses. You’re also entitled to be compensated for what are called general damages, pain, and suffering, the loss of the quality of your life, factors that have impacted your life adversely. It’s something that you can’t just look up in a book to say, “Well, this is what it’s worth.” It’s a matter of feel, it’s a matter of negotiations between…

Interviewer: Oh, damn.

Reuben J. Donig: Can you cut based on that thing?

Interviewer: Yeah.

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