Who is insured by my uninsured motorist coverage?

Personal Injury Attorney Reuben Donig: Most uninsured motorist policies cover the named insured. In other words, the person who owned a car, which has this automobile policy, which contains uninsured motorist coverage and everyone in that person’s family, all of their relatives who live in the household with the insured person. So let’s say mother and father own a car and they’re the named insured under the insurance policy. All of their children, all of their… If they have a brother or sister living there, even parent’s living in that same household with them, they’re all covered by that policy. Children who are away at school are covered by that policy. In addition, any time the insured car is being used, all of the occupants in that car are insured. They don’t have to be relatives, they don’t have to live in your household; anyone who’s in that car is also insured while they’re in the car or the car is being operated, even getting in and out of the car.

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